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Sol Flare Surprise Gig

April 8th, 2014

Well it’s certainly been a long break between gigs. Last Tuesday was our first gig for 2014 and this coming after an 8 month break. Why so long you ask? The main reason being, our lead singer Sasha had to leave the country due to an expired visa. She left at the end of last summer and is yet to be let back in.

Whilst future plans are still uncertain, it was high time to get gigging again.
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Song artwork for See It Through – Janine Rumble

February 7th, 2014


This month we’re happy to exhibit a new piece of art created for Sol Flare. The artist was given this guideline prior to beginning work – It can be in any medium, picture, painting, sculpture, you name it, the only prerequisite is that is hand made.

The piece was created for the track See It Trough by artist Janine Rumble and following is a brief interview with her relating to the piece.

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Silver Moon – Lyrics

October 13th, 2013

Dawning sky,

blood shot eye.

Underneath the sand has turned to stone

Drifting further

out of time

How long will it take to shine

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